Advocacy, Impact and Outreach

Virtual Competency Centre (VCC) Advocacy, Impact and Outreach will focus on (1) high level advocacy, (2) assessing the impact of DARIAH and measuring the ‘added value’ that it brings, (3) outreach to wide groups of stakeholders, and (4-5) ensuring capacity and participation in DARIAH. ‘Services’ are not relevant to this VCC but tasks and activities are.

VCC Advocacy, Impact and Outreach is coordinated by the National Research Council, Italy and the Max Planck Digital Library, Germany.

The Heads of VCC Advocacy, Impact and Outreach are Dirk Wintergrün (DARIAH-DE) and Fabio Ciotti (DARIAH-IT).

Latest News

DARIAH's Virtual Competence Centers (VCC) and Joint Research committee have new people.

DARIAH affiliate European Network of e-Lexicography started a blog for people interested in digitizing dictionaries.

The article reviews the development of TaDiRAH

The workshop helps service providers to make their resources and services available to the users of DARIAH throughout Europe.

The two-day event takes place from May 18-19 in Göttingen.

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