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DARIAH supports digital research in the arts and humanities. Our members provide digital tools and share data as well as know-how. Learn more about DARIAH
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DARIAH is a network: It connects hundreds of scholars and dozens of research facilities in currently 18 countries. Discover who they are

Latest News

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) appointed DARIAH's director Laurent Romary as chairman of its Technical Committee "Terminology and other language and content resources" (ISO/TC 37).

3-year Doctoral Fellowship on information diversity in online communities at Centre Marc Bloch, Berlin.

The next PROSECCO code-camp on Computational Creativity will take place in the city of Antwerp.

A workshop organised by DARIAH-DE, Elixir, AARC and GÉANT.

The Göttingen Dialog in Digital Humanities has established a forum for the discussion of digital research methods. The initiative is organized with the involvement of DARIAH-EU.

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